87000? No! its #87000 Jollibee Delivery

It was a blast performance from Sarah Geronimo and Jollibee, as the fan-favorites hosted an extraordinary event. The groundbreaking duo invited fans to a-no-holds barred gathering that gave attendees the hottest moves from the #87000 TVC from Pop Star Royalty herself, Sarah Geronimo.

Jollibee expanded the full production of the commercial for it’s nationwide express delivery hotline using Facebook live broadcast that offers unlimited access to the activities happening inside 55 Events Place, Quezon City. Fans who tuned in were able to watch Sarah G. having fun with her loyal Popsters, and even peek into her personal Jollibee favorites. The audiences at home also got to participate in activities and some of them was greeted by Sarah through their screens.

Some fans was able to request some of their favorite songs by Sarah G. Sarah was fully on-board to a deliver a great time for everyone, even taking on the dare To help one of her fans call Jollibee’s #87000 hotline and have everyone’s favorites delivered on the stage. The audiences waited as the fastfood chain’s delivery staff walked up to Sarah to handover the bags of langhap- sarapĀ treats to the star of the commercial. Joy filled the room as the charming star recieved her order and welcomed the delivery crew with bags of Jollibee on hand for the audiences .

“Don’t forget the hashtag!” Sarah convivially reminds the audience. The ever-grateful celebrity proceeded to thanking her fans, audience and Jollibee, her partner for her onstage and Facebook live comeback.

Recreate the scenes to the hashtag-worthy event by watching it on www.facebook.com/JollibeePhilippines/ and dialing in Jollibee favorites through #87000, it’s nationwide express delivery hotline.

Don’t forget the hashtag!


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